So I decided it would be ok to just post a few pictures of the last three parties at our place. We had a blast each time. These are totally random so they are between Nissa’s b-day party, my margarita party and our finals party. w00t!

And I guess I can go ahead and put in a few more pics. A friend send me a rose the other day, took some pictures of it. I really would like to think I have some sort of talent with photography seeing as it would be something that my dad would be proud of… I want to try and explore photography more. I will takes tons of pics in my winter destinations throughout the month, I promise! 🙂

Oh and I know I often would post all the music I have purchased… but no one really cared and I was just getting too much anyways. So I decided I would at the most post the artist of the day.

Today the artist of the day is Silbermond. I found them through a random band-linking site and really loved their sound. Recently I have been a sucker for foreign language music, especially French and German.

Silbermond is a German rock band. The lead singer is a woman, and a beautiful one at that. Think Evenescence – Goth + Hotties + Foreign = Silbermond.

And what else? I am going shopping today to finish up x-mas gift gathering. I have nothing for my brother or father! Yikes. I also have a party to go to tonight but I have an 8am exam so I will probably just show up and then go home. It sucks that I have an exam so early but I guess it will be nice to just get it out of the way.

So I got a 100% on my paper for my sociology class and that is fabulous! I have a B+ to A- in that class and that too is fabulous. I got an A in my Bio glass and an A in my Wine class… So I am happy this semester is ending on at least a high GPA. Wish I still had a boyfriend but I guess you just roll with the punches! 🙂

I am expecting a C-B in both my political science and anthropology classes.

Well, I need to get dressed… again haha. Love to you all.

See you tonight, you know who you are 🙂

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