Pink Parties

So we were supposed to go to a birthday party, a pink party. It kinda sucked so we went to Alfonzo’s for a party, it sucked more and finally we went to a Petaluma party that sucked hardest. We were at the pink party done up for their theme with the colors and types of makeup, but with each party our attire became more and more inappropriate haha.

Oh, by the way, the shirt I am wearing is a Girl’s Youth XL! Yay haha. It fits me, wow. Plus it is that Jem shirt that has been sitting in my car since last september or so… Bottom line I got awesome props for the shirt at the pink party and I loved that it fit me.

But mostly, ahhhhhh, well you just should have been there.

Nevertheless, it was a fun night. I am only home for a bit, getting my phone charger and heading back to Allie’s bar-b-que birthday bash (BBQBB) which has been such a blast so far. I am getting to meet all of Seth’s friends and just loving it. There are so many wonderful people here, everyday I seem to meet three more people that totally rock.

Much love!

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