Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Currently: Clay Aiken – Bridge Over Troubled Water – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well, technically, Planes, Buses and Automobiles. I will add the train later this week.

I thought about adding up the miles I have traversed this break, and those that I will soon be accumilating. Then I decided against it. Turns out I am traveling a hell of a lot this break. From CoMo to Tulsa to Houston (and around houston for about 300+ miles) to Rockport to Corpus Christi to Rockport to Corpus Christi to Houston to Tulsa to CoMo to St Louis to Chicago to St Louis to CoMo…

Anyways, I need to get some sleep for my drive tomorrow morning, leaving at 7:30! And look at what I get to drive through…

So say a little prayer for me as I drive haha. Which reminds me, my dad and I prayed together, the first time since we stopped talking a few years ago. He was thanking God for allowing us to grow back together and that he wanted to continue to grow with me. It was really nice.

Love you.

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