Poor Markiepoo

So, my roommate, Mark, the very one who makes fun of my photography, such as the little shot I took of his pasta the other night (featured below), was in a car accident last night.
He was at a party, he and three friends left with a sober driver to go home and were “T-boned” by a mini-van.  Everyone is pretty much ok but Mark’s face is pretty beat up, poor guy.

He asked me what he did to deserve such a beating, a few things popped into my head…

  1. Spending rent money on clothing
  2. Underaged drinking
  3. Hanging out with stoners (not that night but even still)
  4. Dating a 17 year old (hahahaha, though he is really cute…)
  5. Bugging me to buy him booze the other night
  6. Claiming the passenger seat
  7. Making fun of my photography… (karma bitch)

I really think it was number six that did him in haha, watch out Patrick Buckalew!!!  There are a few other thoughts on this, but right now I am focusing on the sadness, poor Mark has a skid-marked face, how painful! (I need to stop laughing as I write this, he is a really nice guy haha) (I think this is why I sometimes think I am a terrible person…)

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