Post Schnucks

I got over $88 out of my change jar. Yoo Hoo for me! I really needed that money. So now I am going to throw on something and head out to the party. I hope I know some people there. Kevin, Libby and Dave will be there which will be nice.

I also want to meet new people, hopefully that too will work out for me haha. Landon called me from Memphis in May, he seems to be having a great time there.

I caught up with a few friends today and that rocked my world, going to do some more of that tomorrow. I have been so distant from everyone for so long, I hate that! Well, it happens I guess.

Excited that David will likely be able to go with me to California and then fly to New York to see his dad. It will be awesome, we have been planning road trips since you were old enough to plan road trips. A blast it will be.

Anyways, gotta get dressed. Maybe I will meet a great guy tonight and then who knows! LoL. Probably not.

Much love!


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