Postmortem Playmate

Anna Nicole Smith died today, aged 39.

I have a six degree (or is it three degrees, you decide) story to Anna Nicole Smith.

Many know I’m from Houston, some know I worked for a small chemical company out there.  My supervisor’s brother dated and was engaged to Anna Nicole Smith (Vicky Lynn Hogan) and broke it off when she wouldn’t stop stripping and doing drugs (something like that).  Afterwards, she would show up at my work (before I worked there) trying to find out from my supervisor where he was, she wanted to be back with him…

A few months later she was married to Marshall.  When E! did their True Hollywood Story on her, they tried to interview the ppl at my work about her but we would not give any comments regarding her and her antics.

So there we go, my connection to ANS.  My old boss’s brother’s ex-fiancee.  I never saw her in person.  She sure was beautiful, but boy could she look the mess…

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