So I did a really quick mockup of what Private could look like.  Seriously, I popped off two shots and ran out so I could make it in time for dinner at Kaldi’s where I am now. 🙂  Love their veggie panini.

Anyways, here goes my thoughts for Private.


And fuck me running, I forgot to do one of the tub.  Grrr.  I’ll do that when I get home.  I think Ryan and I are going to raid a few public restrooms tonight, if we can handle the stormy weather.

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4 thoughts on “Private

  1. I added the picture of the bathtub 🙂  That one was really rushed.

    New idea though.  What if I took a pic of both the sink and the toilet at the same time and got the flash in both, two exposures, I think that would look really cool.  These were all shot in total darkness until the flash went off, so framing and stuff gets to be really hard haha.  If I could fit a tripod into the mix, that’d be one thing but just too small of a space.

  2. Ooh, okay, I’ve been thinking about this project some more. BTW, I like the newest proposed shot. For public I think a closed bathroom stall with super-cute shoes showing would be nice.  Also, for private, I think you need a steamy shower with a lovely silhouette of the person showering behind the curtain or someone brushing their teeth with a slightly ajar medicine cabinet.

    Karens last blog post..What’s in a name?

  3. Damn! Karen beat me to it. I was thinking that putting someone in the shower would make for another great photo with the fisheye lens sometime.

    Great series.

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