I can’t say I’m not to some degree.  I have things on my mind.  I don’t like eating when there are things on my mind.  Just hanging out during my lunch with awesome people, love my regulars here and my co-workers.  This iced grande, blackberry green tea latte is delicious.  It should tide me over until my mind let’s my stomach do the digesting required for life. haha

Tomorrow I’m hanging out with Candice and for that, I am so thankful.  This girl always makes me feel like a star, plus I have so many fun stories to share with her, yay!!!

Ninah also rocks my life, we got pedi-mani’s last week… ummm, yeah, I miss getting those every Saturday in San Francisco; and I miss my weekly massage that followed the mani-pedi.  Oh Greg, I need your strong, magic hands!

Nine minutes left in my lunch, then I work until… six, ugh.  I wanna go home and play with my friends haha!  I have so many wonderful friends here, of all walks of life, even marsupial! (I swear)

Time to talk music with Eli or something like that.

Ciao babes

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