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So I did not shop nearly as much as I normally would for I could already tell I would be unproductive. I am thinking that I will just shop after Christmas for all of my friends as I will have more money then, I hope, and the stores will not be so crowded. Right now I only need to get something for my father. What I had gotten for my mom I left in Columbia and I am superbly pissed over that.

My aunt has called me twice today. I feel bad not answering her calls but I am still angry for her being such a closed minded twit. She used to be one of my favorite relatives until recently. I was upset to find out she had become such a Bush lover and so anti-liberal.

Oh and that brings us to this years letter from the Bush’s. I don’t believe we are unique in getting this ornament from the Bush family, but the fact that my parents, aunt and grandmother all got these ornaments from the Bush family makes me sick.

So it also came with a letter and a nice little story about the “picturesque” scene depicted in the ornament. Makes me wanna gag. I don’t believe that if Kerry had won the election that any contributor would get this kind of crap. I feel this way because I honestly don’t think that liberals care so much of being recognized for their work.

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Now, I know that Al Gore once claimed to have invented the internet and what not… but beyond that little mishap, think of other liberal leaders.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country

-President John F. Kennedy

Get off of your high horse and instead of saying what you have “done”, tell us what you want to do, what you will do and what we can do. I don’t care that Kerry has so much money through his wife, we know how he got his fortune. How about you Bush? Did’nt you get your fortune through your ancestors’ war profiteering when they worked with the Nazi’s? Your family history is that of betrayal yet we are trusting you with the control of our country? What is worse? Marrying for love and getting money or making a profit through the deaths of millions?

What have you actually done for us Bush? Beyond the obvious huge debt, thousands of Americans dead in an unjust war… what exactly have you done that resulted positively for our nation? I am not the only one asking this you know. Even the majority of your cabinet realized the ship you are sailing is on a one way ticket down… They jumped ship, perhaps you should follow suit. Or maybe you will go with the theory that the Captain dies with his vessel. If you do, then act like the nobles of late who actually lead their soilders into battle or at the least would keep watch over them. They actually knew that logistics of war, when to engage, when to pull back and when to pass.

Bush is running us into hell and my family is so happy for it. Reason for not voting for Kerry? First, his wife is crazy, second, he is a weak leader, third, too liberal with social issues.

First – his wife is eccentric, yes. However, she is also a women who came to this country and has made a large impact both nationally and internationally. She has done more for the world than our current First Lady. She is a bit crazy, but you have to be if you are going to help the world. Angelina Jolie is just short of psycho but look at what she has done for Cambodia. Hell, did you know that this crazy woman is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations?

Second – the theory that Kerry is a bad leader because he “faked” all of his Vietnam medals and because he stood up against the government in a war that has now been proven to be more than an effort to destroy a vicious country’s leaders… Vietnam was a lost war and Bush dodged the draft! Even if Kerry had faked some things in the war, he at least went there. He has at least seen battle and served longer than Bush. He also had the courage to stand up to his ranking leaders and express his feelings on the war. Good for him.

Third – allowing gay marriage and abortions is, by constitutional rite, something to be decided by the state, not by the federal level government. Also, by constitutional rite, it is to be decided without any basis on religion. Good luck on that in America. The reason it is being passed to dis-allow gays to marry comes from the evangelical churches across the nation who have lobbied the, ahem, hell out of the Republicans. They turned a social issue into a religious issue and that is not constitutional.

I am just going to quite before I go crazy haha. I love my family but holy shit can they be ignorant. The would not even look at a Democrat for president on the basis that a Republican will always be better.

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What dumbshits haha.

Wow, I have been posting a lot on here. So if you visit, make sure you scroll through the day because I probably have posted a LOT. That is a sign that I have too much time on my hands and I should be going out and meeting people… Hmmmmmm, let’s work on that!

Luckily, tomorrow night I will be back in Houston. That is so w00t!!!

I guess I should call my mom and figure out where she is and my dad and figure out where he is so I can figure out my night! I leave tomorrow around 7am so I need to get going with readying my stuff. Damn… I was hoping to get my car looked at today in regards to the CD player and whatnot.

Anyways, I got my tickets to Chicago! Here are the dates.

Flight 873 V
Thursday, January 6, 2005
Depart St. Louis @ 12:00 PM
Arrive Chicago Midway at 1:00PM

Flight 1257 V
Monday, January 10 , 2005
Depart Chicago Midway at 3:05
Arrive St Louis at 4:10PM

Now all of my stalkers (imaginary of course) can find me!

Maybe I can find someone to hang out with in St. Louis. I know Geoff and Colin will be in St. Louis sometime in January, it would be cool to see them for dinner or something.

Well, I should get outta here. Love to you all.

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