Promised Musical Tributes

For you two guys, the ones that changed my life the most.

Geoff, this song is totally ours now. Haha, this song and Patsy Cline – Crazy! LoL Cause we are crazy mo’fo’s haha. Love you to death! muah So glad we finally have things between us straightened out. God damn, only took nearly a year! We are totally unstoppable though, remember that. Get us to together on anything and nothing, no one, can stop us. Except a shoe sell, maybe that.

Gwen Stephani – Cool

Landon, we already have a song… or twenty. What is our deal? We are total music soul mates. Well, that works with several people, Geoff, you, Joseph, Jim, Jenny, oh hell yeah Jenny! haha. But our songs are different some how… Well this is my song to you to me… something like that. I don’t understand how you can be so steadfast, it is incredible, honorable and heartwrenching at times. You are an incredible person.

This song is why things have finally and suddenly changed for us. Thank Tracy, I thank you.

Tracy Chapman – Change

Giving up on studying, doing homework. Just going to go to sleep and figure things out in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Promised Musical Tributes

  1. Hey well thanks for the music…its great. Well i’m going to write a post tonight because you told me i don’t do it enough. lol and yea so talk with ya later,,,, see ya on the flip side.

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