Psychodillic Fajinas

So tonight in class, my AJ-25 prof assigned the homework as, “visit and post a comment”. Haha, how hilarious is that? We shall see if anyone does their homework hahaha.

After class, and fifteen fruitless attempts at calling Landon, Kevin and I headed to Chevy’s to meet Kayla and Jeana for dinner.

I met Jeana the other day at the Healdsburg Starbucks that Kayla and Jeana work together. This guy was selling babies outside of the Starbucks, it was freaking hilarious. Kayla totally had him convinced that she was interested in buying them, this girl can bullshit with the best of them haha.

Anywho, so I went crazy at Starbucks and have now purchased hundreds of dollars in Starbucks merchandice as gifts for friends and family this Christmas, I actually sent off my gifts to Meghan and Jenny this afternoon! I so can’t wait for them to get them!

Today is James-Brown-not-the-singer’s birthday! Happy birthday James! Goodbraces, it’s been way too long since we saw each other. My very first best guy friend, I cried my eyes out when I learned he was moving away. I think it was the first time I ever cried like that… the second time was probably when Geoff and I broke up. Hmmm, interesting.

I got up hella early this morning to work on my paper, but ended up hanging out with Mike and Kevin, then getting a few minutes of sleep, got cleaned up and headed off to Aroma Roasters to work on my papers.  I made surprisingly quick progress so I decided to head to my Starbucks to see my peeps ov’r there and buy some more gifts.  I got my tip money and noticed something a bit disturbing…

Seriously, “Coin-Tainers”?  How sad of a name is that?  Loren and Seth would not approve haha.

And now for totally cuteness haha, Sasha and Kevin.

5 thoughts on “Psychodillic Fajinas

  1. I am so excited about my christmas present!! You need to send me your mailing address so I can send you something. I am going to find the perfect gift for you in NYC and I need somewhere to send it. Oh yeah my brother wanted to know which starbucks you worked at? Is it in San Francisco or Santa Rosa? Yeah what is with the Coin-tainers? sounds like something made in Missouri. P.S. those babies are scary…… very strange actually…

  2. Haha yeah man I didn’t visit last night, but I’m totally doing it before the next class, so that still counts! Anyway it looks like I’m the only one commenting on this blog from our class…I’ll look around and see if I should be doing this somewhere else…if not then I’ll see you in class tomorrow.

  3. Hi Justin!

    I can’t let Walt be the only one from class that posts a comment, afterall, I am stalking you. I need to learn your work schedule though because I went out of my way to go to your Starbucks this morning and you weren’t working! I’ll see you in class tonight!


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