The past few weeks have been insane.  Having saved up money and having found some incredible deals, I purchased a few things…

24″ iMac Intel 2.33Ghz with 500gb hard drive, 3gb of RAM, 256mb RAM video card.  I also added on Adobe Creative Suite Premium, Aperture, Logic7 and Office.


The 24″ model is the biggest, fastest iMac they make, I’m super excited for it to come in early next week!

And since I got Aperture and Photoshop, I figured I needed a new camera to match!

I got the Nikon D80 D-SLR!  10.2mp camera with an 18-135mm lens!

I’m going to start taking more pictures as I used to do.

Nikon D80

I will soon be quite the media mogule.  I also am picking up a 500gb FireWire800 external hard drive.

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