Quick Trip to San Francisco

The Flight Is Booked!

I just booked my flight for a quick, QUICK trip to San Francisco.  I’ll be leaving Missouri December 12 and will be in town until December 14th.  Yeah, a really quick trip.

So, if you live or will be in the bay area next weekend, hit me up through a comment on this blog post, a tweet on my twitter, a message or wall post on my facebook or a message on myspace.  I’m pretty easy… to get in touch with.

Look forward to meeting up with anyone and everyone.  I’ll be bringing my camera to take pics while I’m out there.

Finally, believe it or not, I’ve never even taken a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (I had to get that one from the flickr!).  Somehow I managed to never get a picture, never mind that I have visited San Francisco more times than I can count… I lived just an hour north outside of Santa Rosa and even lived in the city yet never got a picture of the bridge.  I even know the turn off for the shot everyone uses.

I must remedy that!

See you guys soon!  I’m super duper excited.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Trip to San Francisco

  1. Ah man! If only I didn’t have class and had the money to travel to SF…

    And for the record, I have photos of the GGB 😀 (though I’m sure they’re nowhere near as good as yours)

  2. While you’re here we can see about making a trip to the bridge. On the Marin side there is an old battery that gives you a great view of the bridge!

    Kevins last blog post…I’m funny!

  3. Have fun! I’ve never been to Cali at all. In fact, Chris and I were thinking about going out there for our honeymoon… we just don’t know where (maybe some vineyard?). Let me know what the best places are!
    And have a great trip!

    mos last blog post…I’m going to miss these shows.

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