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u-n-d-e-r- – c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n


···I have a Poe song to play for you guys from her haunted cd. however, now is not the time to release this song. It is part of my rant post that I am going to put off for a few days. It is gonna be a good one, I assure you haha.


···David and I were planning a party for tonight but our fuckassdumpbitch contractor never showed up today or yesterday for that matter. So we have no back porch and no power outlets working (just extension cords) and the tennis court is covered with his scraps. I am going to bust a cap in his ass when he returns. I think he is afraid to come back… I took pictures of his work and sent them to my grand parents. They wrote him a torrid fascimile. He is a waste of air, and a good bit psycho. Don’t get me started, don’t even get me started. I have a feeling that you are about to get me started!

David leaves in…



···David is off surfing right now. I stayed home today for a job interview. Yesterday was a blast though. Surfing and exploring the coastline. Looke at these pics! Look at them now! 🙂


···My goodness the fog… It was beautiful yesterday just off Salmon Creek. I got some pretty decent pictures of the fog rolling over the hills.

I just love those pictures. It is so peaceful. It is the lack of any emotion in the air that is soothing.


So david and I have not been getting any kind of decent sleep… oh wait, that is totally wrong. We have been sleeping way too much. Normally we are up around 7 or 8 in the morning. Recently it has been as last as noon before we stagger out of bed and we almost always take naps during the day. We thought it had something to do with maybe mold in the house so we set off another round of oust and guess what…we got a good night’s sleep and we woke up at 7am! Plus we did not go back to sleep this afternoon. oust kills airborne bacteria so maybe…?


I have met some really cool guys. Jason, Eric, Mike, Mike, Steve… I have a date with Steve tonight, wish me luck!


I went professional, yikes. It was half price, otherwise I never would have done it. But wow, glad I did. It makes GDC a lot more comfortable, now that I am more in charge of things.


I just wanted to post a few photos that I keep going back to. They are the photos of my moment, if you will…

That is Korbel’s winery, just down the road from me.

Along the surf I showed you a picture of the horsecrazy flower. Here is another shot, for whatever it is worth.

I don’t know why I am even posting this picture. It shows my grandmother’s company’s suite number. Fun stuff right?

One of my proudest flower pictures yet!

How could you not cry at a sunset like this.

And it only gets better…


I emailed Matt. I really miss him. I feel awful for how things were left… which is to say that I left without saying goodbye or explaining much of anything. I really really liked and like him.

I miss his smile…


Driving around we noticed a lot of weird signs. One such was “End of 55 MPH”… but there was no stated new speed limit. Another was this one, a sign telling us the road ended… as the road dropped off a cliff. One woudl think common sense would have figured this one out haha.

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