Reaching Nirvana

Last night, Mike, Kevin and I went to this restaurant called Nirvana, a thai-esque cafe. Ummm, can we say hella delicious? We got all sorts of grub on, tofu, spring rolls, samosa, calamari, thai chicken, spinach noodles, a mango mai tai…After food, we went to this cute shop next door where I purchased a tiny gift for my favorite faerie keeper. Going to fedex it out tomorrow I think…

The plan was to go from there to the Metreon to see Rent but, as with the first time I saw Rent… we were running a bit late and ended up skipping the movie. Other plans were to go clubbing etc etc, but we decided to just head home for drinks and board games.

Funny thing though… I had to be at work around 4:30 am.

I drove us home, Mike and Kevin stayed awake until 4am so that I would not sleep through work, thank you soooo much.

Don’t you love how I force so many pics in a single post?

We parked in the same lot as we did when we saw Harry Potter. Last time we were there, just out of the movie, the ticket area (where you paid for your parking) was completely filled with super hot guys, urrr almost all very obviously gay, sexy to boot.

This time, the area was totally cleared out. Just us and the lights, which were kinda cool looking. Reminded me of a mine shaft with the extension cord light stretching the depths of the track down.

So even though we didn’t see Rent, we had a fun time. Wish we could have made it, I missed the first 10 minutes last time and that, to me, was one of the best parts of the musical, just the JUMP into action portion. Perhaps next time? I hear Christopher wants to see it again.

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