Ready to Board

I’m about to board my flight to San Francisco, it’s very exciting.

Hard to believe that like a week ago, Ryan was at this same airport doing the same thing.  I sure do wish we could have gone together to San Francisco for Pride 2009 and to see all of our friends.  Instead I’m meeting my family and going to our summer house, where I used to live, in Northern California.  We will be enjoying our time together there until July 6th, then the rest of my family; mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, will be flying back to Texas.  I will stay on for another week visiting San Francisco.

So look to here and my photoblog ( for pictures and updates, as well as my Twitter stream, @justex07.  Send me a message and maybe we can meet up.

See you around!  Oh and maybe, JUST maybe this time, I’ll get a good shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

So, if you’re going to be in the Bay Area July 6-11, let’s hang out.  I’ll be staying with my friend Mark and probably spending my days walking around my old stomping grounds.  Coffee houses and photo ops galore.

Then I fly to Texas to work on my internship and see off my parents.  They’re moving to Saudi Arabia so this trip is our last “big thing” before we say goodbye for a while.

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