Remember in the Sixth Sense?

Whenever a ghost would be in the room a cool breeze would enter? Every once and a while I get a breeze, freezing cold, and powerful enough to move papers around in my room.

It has been going on pretty often for the past three days, not sure about last night. It is pretty frightening at times. The power keeps going out to, but not at the breaker box, and only my house.

Whatever the hell. I need some lavender…

4 thoughts on “Remember in the Sixth Sense?

  1. Lavender?! Oh no! You need to start same hollow gypsy chanting, “Amaja das, spiritus” … obtain a black sparrow and squeeze its neck until you hear a slight crack and it goes limp in your hands. Hmm. I’ve never really tried this with a sparrow though…


    William John.

  2. That’s actually really scary. I like to think I’m a rational being with beliefs grounded in science – but then why do I have this primal response sometimes?

    Maybe we’re fooling ourselves.

  3. science proves nothing except what it can prove.

    i love stating the obvious to win a non-argument haha, you can’t refute that… can you? LMAO

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