Rents Are Here

The term “rents” first came into my world care of Joseph. Thanks Joseph. Recently Landon has explored the use of “rents”, he actually says the word, not just types. What a great idea Landon.


I’m in such a queer mood. I have been overly gay (but actually not really) to see how my parents, ahem, rents, react (again, not really). They have surprised me, but not Landon. He believes that I don’t give my parents enough credit, I guess that is true. But better to not extend too much credit than go over your limit!

Met my parents in San Francisco the other night, it was a LONG drive, hella traffic. Talked to Mike and Landon nearly the entire trip! yay! haha, love those guys, of course.

Had an absolute blast with them, best Chinese food of my life at Brandy Ho’s, holy cow it was delicious.

>>>making this post short, gotta study and clean

Good ol’ Van Ness

I got gas today and… took a picture?

Off to see the Wallace and Gromit movie, I hope…

Ciao babies!

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