Right on Target

I wonder how many corny titles I could make with Target in the title…

Since I am working at a Starbucks within Target, I have to go through both Starbucks and Target training, which means I have to buy Target and Starbucks uniforms. I already have stuff for Starbucks, khaki’s and a white shirt. Target requires khakis and a red shirt. I own zero solid red shirts.

I went to the mall today to get a shirt and new khakis (the only khaki’s I have are Kenneth Cole and Perry Ellis, both a little too nice for coffee and what not.

Lucky buys though, got the polo and the pants for a combined $35.

Hung out with Seth at his work and then had lunch with him. It was delicious, again. I was so stuffed that I had to take a break at Aroma’s hehe. I bumped into Kyle at Aroma’s. I think we are all going to SanFran tonight to go to a “Goth Club”. I have never been to a goth club, it should be really fun! I wonder what you do at a goth club… I guess sit, lament and play “dungeons and dragons” or “magic” hehe. So morose, lots of black and chains. Course it is SanFran, so the goth there might be something entirely different. Who even knows?!

Got a great little email from Nick. He is doing well, props to you dude! (Mailing you stuff probably tomorrow hehe)

Nike is so similar to Joseph, it is freaky and awesome. It is freaking awesome. Too bad they are both in different states than I.

I got bored when I first got here, not in the mood to do much of anything so I just fucked away with some photography. Nothing good but meh, I will of course still share it.

This place is just so wonderful. I also bumped into Peter. Called back Clay, left a message. I am really tired but I need to workout before we go out tonight.

My camera, in the “Full Manual Mode” allows you to do some really cool things that most digital cameras, especially consumer ones, especially from the like three years ago that I bought mine, don’t allow you to do. One feature is saving as a TIFF file instead of JPEG which makes your pictures look better, well, actually it prevents them from looking grainy by not compressing the pictures. This comes at a cost, ten times the memory is required. My new camera does this but it goes a step further, it saves photos in RAW format which is straight from the CCD to the card. I cannot wait till I have the money for the D70. Now there is a D50 which is a stripped down D70, smaller, lighter, most of the features and ~$200 cheaper. But I think I can sacrafice the extra ounces and centimenters with a $200 cherry to get a more feature rich camera. I would probably kick myself to next thursday if I skipped out just for $200.

You might be able to notice how sharp that last picture was. It came from an 11 megabyte TIFF file. Pretty eh? It is sharp even when vied at a 1:1 ratio. Fabulous.

Another problem for me. The Nikon D50, 70, 100 are all 6.1mp cameras. I could get a cheaper Canon Rebel that is 8mp… but the color saturation and balance is not nearly as good… Going to go with Nikon, yeah, final decision. Could save an extra $500 and get a completely professional nikon, well like an extra $1000 really probably… I hate money. Bah.

Well I guess I should head out. I have about an hour and thirty to workout, then go home, change clothes, head back for SanFran. Yikes, gonna be a tight fit. I promise to take pics!

Oh, almost forgot. I picked out my new cellphone today. It is the Sony Ericsson S710a. And it is so pretty. It has a 1.3mp digital camera built in, how sweet is that?! Plus a huge screen and, well it is just plain pretty.

It also has a memory card slot for up to 1gb of music (mp3 player too!), video or pictures. I might have to wait a while to get it, they are sold out here at every Cingular store. Sucks to that. Well, I really gotta jet.

Love you all.

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