Road Rage!

Complete and utter craziness. But first, pretty flowers!

So, cyclist rides infront of a car in a parking lot. Woman almost hits him, SLAMS on her brakes and honks. He is now behidn her, she revs her engine and hits him! She runs the guy into a tree, in reverse. She did this several times.

I get this on camera.

Here she has seen me taking pictures and tries to hit me!

That is crazy. I think I should go to the police but I am unsure… hmm, what do you think?

UPDATE: I called the police, they can’t do anything because the guy said not to call the police and he did not press charges. She said that he probably had a record and did not want to get caught. Damn…

Sent off some resumes, hopefully I can get a job…

Gotta go.

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