Rockport to Las Cruces New Mexico

The drive was actually pretty fun. David is hilarious haha, glad we are finally taking the road trip we have been planning for years. At just about ever stop (every 200 miles) he gets out at the gas station and skateboards while I pump the gas.

The drive went pretty quickly. I love driving so I automatically will have a pretty good time. David drove a good bit too. We listened to a hella large collection of music and had some fun talks. We are further planning our exploits tonight, muhahahaha. Tomorrow is Las Vegas and you know what they say… 😉

We stopped in Fort Stockton for gas and food. Went to a mexican food place. The food was really good and the waitresses pretty darned hot haha. The customers were not the most attractive…

That lady was freaking scary. She had that face almost the entire time haha. We got some seriously shitty gas out there, instead of 32 miles per gallon, we got 21! It was complete shit gas. Next stop we got fresh gas and 30+ MPG.

I never realized how beautiful the landscape in west texas could be. We have some pretty awesome mountains out there! The sunsets are beautiful too.

El Paso proved to be a much larger city than we both thought. As per my father, 150,000 18-wheelers go through there each day. They had some really cool places there, I was really taken by surprise. Of course, we are the “Lone Star State” so… gotta have our star haha!

We are in Las Cruces staying at a Comfort Inn. Actually pretty nice place. Anyways, time for my shower. Catch you guys later! We are almost half way to Cali! Tomorrow we are hitting up White Sands National Park to do some sand surfing and then to Las Vegas, HOT SHIT! Plus we are doing the Grand Canyon.

Ciao for reals now.

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