Rocky Start

What a crappy start to my trip back to Columbia. Tired, in pain, sick, and bored.

I am at least sitting by cool people, well at least it seems as though.

Listening to music on my computer as I freshen up the playlist on my iPod shuffle.

My Dr. Pepper was totally watered down. Bad job Southwest Airlines. Not your fault though I am sure. It is really ok, I just wanted something sweet to make me feel a little better.

I am listening to Michael Bublé – Feeling Good… I feel like I am lying because I don’t really feel good at all. I guess it is ok though right?

I cannot wait to land and get home, I need to be in my bed and sleep. I don’t need any of this other crap. (raeb gerg – tnals).

I think I am going to start my own language… just so I can type things publicly (ie in an airplane) and the people around me not be able to know what I am writing. Especially if it is about them.

There is this guy a few rows up wearing a workout shirt, he is probably 50-60 years old and disgustingly hairy. His shoulders, arms, back, neck,… it is so gross. I just want to dip him in Nair. I can’t stand that kind of body hair, it NEVER has a place in the world. Sasquatch.

I totally don’t look cute today. I look like I was hit over the head with the ugly stick. I guess I have an ok excuse, but not really. I want to get home and shower, change clothes and get into bed. Wake up tomorrow, shower, get dressed and look cute all day long. I need to feel cute. So badly. I bet that it would make me feel a lot better just to be freshened up.

Love this song. Michael Bublé – Save the Last Dance for Me. It was on the episode of Queer as Folk where Justin is attacked by the sexually confused asshole with a bat. Of course, Michael Bublé did not sing it in the show, but he totally should have because his version is fabulous.

Totally cute people here, hate that. haha.

Ugly stick go away!

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