Rufus and Apple

It an email from Apple Computer about my student discount. Apparently I save $200 off the Airport Extreme, which of course is only $179. Are they going to pay me to buy one?


But even more exciting, Rufus’s new album is on pre-sale with a ticketmaster ticket option.  I never really understand these Ticketmaster things but I guess you get the pre-sale ticket but no discount or anything.

Who wants to go see Rufus with me? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Rufus and Apple

  1. I would totally see rufus, I haven’t seen him live since he came to CoMo when I was in high school… Of course that was YEARS ago… I, in my old age, choose not to think about how many years ago that actually was.

  2. Me Me!! I want to make it 3 times I have seen him! And I want some of those pictures of the other day at our house

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