Run to Me, I’ll Run to You

I am at Aroma’s, imagine that, this beautiful guy was sitting next to me, talking to this incredibly eccentric fellow who apparently spent some time in South Africa studying the animals and people there and this girl who is a zoology major, hoping to one day head to South Africa. Her name is Diana (Dee-ahna) and the eccentric fellow’s name is Mike (not nearly as eccentric a name as his dress and personality.

The guy that was next to me, chatting or rather listening to the other two chat about cheetahs and such, passed his eyes over to me a few times, smiled, etc. I just knew that when he got up to say goodbye to his table mates, he would come and talk to me. Sadly, no. I think I need to start making the first move, I never do…

Last night I met another Texan, a regular at my Starbucks, turns out “DC” is from Houston! We cheered and jeered for about five or ten minutes over Texas and the changes we encountered when we moved out here, it was great. Felt so wonderful to meet another Texan.

Callie (am I even spelling your name correctly?) and I worked out a bit more (as in a lot more).  We do it everyday for about two hours, whether we are together or apart.  Last night we finished around 12 mid night!  After the workout I felt really sick, really sick.  Normally I have a smoothie before I work out, well since we didn’t start our workout until about ten o’clock, I was not able to make a stop to Juice Shack, damnit.  I was falling to peices and ended up passing out on her couch until 2:00am, drove to Mike’s, checked on the puppy, and went to sleep.

Woke up… puppy was a bad girl and tore her bed to peices, cedar shavings and chair stuffing everywhere!  I swept it all up and then mopped his floors with Swiffer Wet (amazing product!).

Ok, enough fucking around, gotta finish my taxes.  Muah


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