San Francisco Pictures instead of words (Now With Words!)

Finally got into San Francisco, really it was quite quick. Parked here for 8 dollars because I took 5 mins too long, gah. Double gah, I was only a block from Seth’s, should have parked there, ack!

Damn the power of Veto… Reasoning for the veto? This vote by the legislature, to legalize gay marriage by not descriminating, goes again the people of California’s vote on proposition twenty-two. By not vetoing the bill, Swartz would not be doing the will of the people.

Hold up.

The people of California elected the officials who passed this bill! Their vote is supposed to reflect the people who they actively poll and who daily lobby to get their opinion known to their representative. More over, how could one person reflect an entire state better than some 70+? Variety equals accuracy here. Statistically, the greater the sample, the more accurate the result.

Allowing same-sex couples to marry does not change anything for married couples, who have made a concrete union of christianity and marriage (there is a difference between “Holy matrimony” and “marriage”, just for those who don’t know). In church it is a “Holy matrimony” and to the courts it is simply marriage, no “holiness”, no religion at’all. Gah, this irks me.

Oooh, pretty fire-escape from Seth’s! Stairway to heaven if you ask me. At least to the roof of his building right?

I did my laundry, breaking new, breaking news…

How is this Steven Tyler’s daughter? She is so beautiful… wish she was single and interested in little ol’ me…

Haha, so we went to this liquor store to get some drinks before heading to Popscene. The sales people were so funny… and short. They could’nt reach the top shelf of liquor so Seth had to do it for them haha.

Union Square Park, beautiful at night time. I love this statue. I want to take a better picture, ie, one not with my camera phone.

Like a Junior High dance, these two were really getting at it, making out hard core. I took some video but how the hell do I put it on my blog? Anyone know how to convert the video from a camera phone? It is not mpeg or mov, it is something else entirely… sad.

Some unfortunate things were said to me which put me in a really sour mood. I went off on my own to get a break, oh Starbucks, you are everywhere. I got comfort from the glow of another Starbucks company, it felt nice, like a warm blanket, or a hug.

Next morning I get a ticket… I was parked here from 6:00 pm – 8:45 am…. ticket was given to me at 6:45am, which is totally before 9:00 when I would have gotten a ticket. Evil evil meter maid, sho nuff don’t know what ya do’n! Gabbershiet, guess I have to fight this one.

One thought on “San Francisco Pictures instead of words (Now With Words!)

  1. it’s a shame im so piss drunk right now, or else i’d be able to write a good intelligable comment…

    anyhow, nice new picture of you… I like it very much so, Sir…

    William John.
    PS. really am drunk. so sorry.

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