San Francisco Pride 2005

Coming in pieces.

Loren, Seth and Andrea posing for the camera as we wait outside of the liquor store during pride. The line was about a block long. It was crazy!

Seth with one of the many, many drag queens out. Some were great, some were pretty janky.

Loren and Seth are more or less crazy. But meh, crazy friends are fun. She is so beautiful.

These drag queens spent seven hours getting ready. Worth it?

Ok, so this hobo could dance up a storm. I think he was on something but still, he totally rocked the dance floor. There were dance parties in every alleyway, it was so fantastic and fun. Each alley had a different type of dance music pumping out.

The shortest gay men I have ever seen. They were all under five feet tall and one of them was pushing four… haha. They were all pretty hot though. Too bad they can’t ride any of the rides at Disney World…

Me being prissy as I drink my drink. We just walked into this house, turns out it is a club.

Ahhhh, the middle aged gays who really liked us. We took a bunch of pictures with them, they were so nice.

So check it… this is the bar/club we went into that we thought was a house. It was sooo awesome! I am totally going back there, if I can find it again. The drinks were great and the people were awesome. The bar tender was pretty funny.

Awe, the original Pride Gang. I really loved the shirt I’m wearing in this picture. I got it that day at a trift store in Santa Rosa for like $2.50. It rocks hard.

Look Jim! It’s your t-shirt!

Seth and me at a club down the street from the last one.

We just walked in to escape the street crowd.

We found a new crowd inside haha. A huge crowd. The guy to Seth’s right is Wade, a friend from Santa Rosa who is moving to San Francisco really soon.

Ahh, the Hotel Tropicana. This hotel was so fantastic! Only $120 a night for four people with a full refrigerator and microwave plus wireless internet. Every peice in the place was purchased from IKEA haha. They were out like lights once they got in the room. I stayed up, ordered us dinner, paid the delivery guy and set it up. Andrea thought I was on crack haha.

Oh, pretty fire escape. I hung out here for a while and took some pretty fun pictures of people and cars going by. It was my first firescape experience.

Andrea, the next morning, posing on my firescape. She is so pretty!

Awake and refreshed for the day, we head to the nicest porn store you have ever seen.

I felt like I was in Barnes and Nobles. Everything was clean and properly placed, demos of every toy and tool out to fondle and the employees were knowledgable of every product they sold. It was so different to the Old Un.

What a voice this man had. He sounded, and was blind (haha? merrrrrr, yeah…) like Ray Charles. It was incredible. Sadly I had no money after getting my BART ticket.

Yay, Pride Parade! We actually watched most of it on TV, we were too tired to leave the hotel really early to catch the start.

A few ppl were there…

Awe! Loren at our Thair restaurant.

Does’nt Andrea have the most beautiful smile?

We had to say goodbye to Loren around 3:00, she was on her way to Australia. How sad, but how awesome too!

Yay for Drag Bugs!

Yay for tan and Seth. Some hot dancing was going around us at this point of the day.

Check out the nerd with his enhaler haha! He was soooo soooo soooo hot. I love nerds, what can I say?

Alfonzo and Andrea dancing it up, and dodging attacks from a crazy Indian… Yeah, no joke.

Two guys who are probably going to hang out at my house for a while as they travel up to Portland Oregon.

These girls were so awesome. I had one of them lauging so hard she was threatening to pee LoL. One of them was named Andrea… Hmmmm.

One of these guys is named Andy. They are both from Colorado. They gave me their number but it was stolen from me later on in the night with my cellphone. Either way, they were really really nice guys. Reminded me of Geoff and I when we were freshmen in college.

Alfonzo and the hot MAC guy. Seth and this guy both work for MAC, you’d think that this guy would have better makeup styling but meh, oh well. He was incredibly nice and equally hot.

One of the last pictures I was able to take at one of the many clubs we went to that night. My camera felt to the ground and broke. I think I can fix it but not too sure.

So pride was a complete blast. Even though I lost my cash, my cellphone, my camera and totally like threw out my left knee (still hurts), it was all worth it. The friendships that were made and the fun that was had could never be purchased by my loss. Just fucking fantastic. Everyone should do SanFran Pride someday. Next year I am planning on going to Brazil Pride. SanFran is about 300,000, Brazil is about 2,000,000!!! Yeah, almost or over seven times more people.

5 thoughts on “San Francisco Pride 2005

  1. Here I am, posting to a 3 year old pride site. But,meh, its early april in new england, chilly the trees are dead, no leaves, blah,boring…..can’t wait till new york the meantime thanks so much for the awesome pics. Wish I was in san fran

  2. glad you enjoyed the pics! if you can make it out to San Francisco Pride ’08, let me know, I’ll be there again!

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