San Francisco

We are at Underground Cafe right now, getting dinner, looking up Star Wars movie times and uploading a single picture of the day. We took many more but hell, why bore you right? hehe, you all know I will put up many more once I get the time haha.

And april fools, here goes!

Golden Gate Park

Car with a boot, god that sucks! We had pretty good luck parking, had to wait a good while but not too bad. LOTS of walking today haha. But it was expected.

Roxie, wanna maybe hit this up tonight. Mission was pretty freaky today but it was a fun experience!

Talk about leaving footprints in the sand! Smart bird this was…

Got to hang out with David and Joseph all day, it was a complete blast. Anyways, gonna let him online for a bit while I finish my sandwich.

Love you all


One thought on “San Francisco

  1. Lombard Street is pretty awesome isn’t it?….that is the really curvy one…..

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