Semi, Formal

So I had a pretty good time at Darrin’s party. For the first time since I have been hanging out with my new (and some old) friends, I decided that I would dress like a normal party goer and not get dressed up. When Libby got here, with Colin and Kevin, she asked me if I forgot that it was a semi formal…

She had never told me about that, just that there was a party to go to. I was kinda pissed at first but we quickly got an outfit together.

I did not know 80% of the people there and I was ok with that. I am really working on being able to meet new people and mingle without being that guy… It is hard for me but I am working to make the change into the super fun social butterfly guy, and still be able to turn it off.

I really miss having someone to curl up with and fall asleep in a warm bed… That is what I know is going to be hard. Like Geoff and I lived together before we dated which was both good and bad. The next guy, if it is not Geoff, is going to be a much different situation. I really wanted to have Geoff in the car with me and us to go bed together but you know… ain’t gonna happen. Oh well.

I am moving on, slowly but surely.

Gosh darn! It is 2:46. I need a stuffed animal to fall asleep with. I wanted to get one for Geoff for xmas but I had already picked up a few too many things over the past few weeks/months. I did not want to TOTALLY over do it but like… when I found out about Daniel giving him the CD I had gotten him for his b-day, I got really bummed out. So I did not give him the two dolls which were for his b-day, they came later for x-mas. I should have better explained that so it did not look like SOOO much stuff because he got me a great wonderful bit of stuff for my birthday.

My eyes hurt, I should get some sleep. I think the eyes hurt because people were smoking cancer sticks tonight. I have nothign against people smoking, as long as it does not interefere with my life. I know it is hipocritical since them not being able to smoke around me would interfere with their life, but they choose to smoke.

Oh, and boo to guys who won’t take no for an answer. I am NOT going home with you so please stop asking me to every time you see me. It is not even that you like me, you are just desperate. Sweet but you actually end up making me feel really trashy 🙁

Anywho, I think I am going to hit the sack. My tummy is growling however… perhaps there are some scraps of food laying in the refrigerator that would work to fill my void… Either way, getting off of the computer would be a fabulous idea.

Night, love to you all.

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