Seth + Me = Couple, Now – Me = Seth (Alone)

Seth and I broke up tonight. Oh now, don’t be too happy. He is a really sweet guy, just with a lot, a lot of bad traits. he never called me back when he was supposed to, the fidelity issues, always wanted things from me but never provided, was relatively lazy, too horny, blah blah blah. But ya know what? I really liked him, flaws and all. I still do, he is a great guy, stellar, just not what I need right now, as a boyfriend. As a friend, by god he is great! I can’t wait to hang with him. He is actually in town tonight, it is of course 2.5 hours before I need to wake up for work so I should get to sleep, whaddaya think?

Also, saw a movie with Kevin, Tim and Mike, hung out with Kevin today and spent a glorious 1.5 hours on the phone the other night with SteveZ. It was a blast and a half. more about that conversation when I am not falling asleep at the keyboard.

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