Seth’s Big Move

So, either I am stupid or I am too forgiving or I am stupid in another light or I am…

Beyond those possibilities. I went to Seth’s yesterday to talk about things since, well he had’nt called me forever. The only talking we had was the one where he was incapacitated…

Got to his place and immediately volunteered my truck (rental) to drive his stuff to San Francisco to his new apartment. What?! Yeah, I did it. I still wanted to talk though.

Loren and Seth wanted to get coffee at The Goat and of course asked me to drive… argh. Oh well, I drove no biggie. Had a good time there, Megan, Alli, Rigel, the like. I thought, we will talk after that…

Well, Seth got emotional, as he should, when he said goodbye to Megan and at that I decided that an in depth talk would just not be possible yesterday.

We had everything packed up, his aunt, cousin and mom met us at his house and we got to leaving for the city.

Seth said goodbye to his neighbors, it was adorable.

We got to the city, unpacked the truck and his aunts car and then headed off to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

On the way there we spotted a collection of clothes scattered along the ground… two Starbucks aprons lay in the waste, I got choked up… tee hee

We got to Macy’s, put our name on the list for the CCF and checked out the Macy’s plaza. Went to Seth’s new MAC store and checked out the view from the top of Macy’s.

I originally thought that my homework was due last night, mid night. This had me leaving with everyone else. I found out that it did not have its due date until Tuesday so I decided to help Seth unpack for a while and get his stuff together.

I am so glad I did not leave, he really needed someone there. I do wish he would have simply asked me instead of me just telling him I was staying… If someone needs help, they should not wait till you say you will help to admit they need you… Well we had a good time, he had a few more breakdowns but by and large, the night was a blast, setting up his room and all that jazz.

I got home today, my car was NOT towed, ticketed but not towed. Which is a godsend, and incredible since it was marked for towing… whew.

Anywho, I gotta get ready for class, but before I go, a shot of the Bodega Bay Seafood Fest. My mom and I hit it up style, too bad it was a total waste haha.

Ok, so I am out of here. Much love.

3 thoughts on “Seth’s Big Move

  1. I often joke to people when they tell me about their relationship troubles…
    “it all depends upon how good looking they are. they are only so many good looking people in the world, so they deserve some forgiveness when they do wrong”

    Of course, I joke. Could you show a frontal shot of Seth for me? I’d like to judge exactly how high on my hypothetical scale he’d be.


    William John.

  2. God this is so totally off topic but I haven’t said it before on your blog..I LOVE your pictures!


  3. haha, i used to actually have a few but, well, got rid of them haha. no devious reason, just did. he has a pretty front 😉

    meh, these pics are’nt so hot but go back a few weeks/months and there are some beauties!

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