Seth’s New Apartment

Seth got a new apartment today! Awesome!!! It is so nice and his new roommate is really neat.

First though, we went to the MAC Cosmetics Pro Store, what a place!

Now some pics of this new place!

He has a morgan bed, how rock is that?

He is in such a fabulous part of town, just four blocks from work (Union Square) which is the largest shopping distict west of New York City!

Even the porn places are classy!

While I was waiting for him to meet me back at the car I took some pics. He had to pay his deposit to secure the room so we stopped at a nearby ATM and I took out some money. He better invite me over! LoL. I cannot wait till we get to move him in and no longer have to worry about hurrying back to Santa Rosa after a club.

Goal, have my Nikon D70 series camera with some cool lenses by November.

Sleep time.

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