Settling Some Issues

My mom came up here after the accident. We have been having a pretty good time. Ever since my talk with Landon, things have looked brighter.

We settled my schedule, I might post it once i get it from my rental car. I need to take some pictures, perhaps I will do that tonight. Not sure what I will photograph but… hmmm.

Shout outs to…

the Kevins
Steve Z and so many more

Happy b-day party Michael, sure wish I could have made it.

oh yeah, and probably moving to france in january… almost forgot to mention that peice. i have no ties anywhere, no home, no car (anymore… irk…), no relationship (though there is one I have my eye on) and really just nothing. I am alone in the world and what better thing to do than be alone in a different country. Especially if your mom is pushing for it, that makes it so much easier.

i would go there for one semester, if i liked europe more than america (quite likely) i would either try to get permenant residency in france or move to england where i already have residency/UKPassport.

Could always come back to america but… why? haha

2 thoughts on “Settling Some Issues

  1. That’s an incredible opportunity and I envy you and your freedom. I’m really excited for you, but I’m also selfishly sad that I wouldn’t get to see you 🙂

  2. Europe! Wow that would be cool for you. I have been to England (err Great Britain) several times as well as Spain and France. Didn’t actually like France all that much. Spain was awesome but I really like England the best. Keep us posted!


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