Shelter Gardens

I got bored yesterday after school and writing and reading and… shit, so I went to Shelter Gardens to take some pictures.  It’s a beautiful botanical garden just away from the mall…

Only, it’s winterish and, well everything is pretty much dead in there.  Oh well!


I have never really taken pictures of people… so here is a start.  She didn’t seem to mind and kept incredibly still.

I also have never really taken pics of statues… I should try that out sometime.


But this squirrel really stole the show.  There was just so much to take pictures of in this beautiful botanical garden, nevermind that everything was pretty much dead.

Yeah, so this squirrel went crazy for the camera, I couldn’t seem to get it to do anything but pose for me, guess I’m just not as as intimidating as I once though.







Well, I’m going to take a quick power nap and then off to socialize, then come home, write my paper and get some sleep!  Ciao for now my babes.

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