Shot from the Photoblog

For those who don’t know, haven’t visited or forgot about my photoblog… fix that. 😀  I though I’d go ahead and post a picture (click to visit the site) from my latest batch of uploads.  It’s a photo taken from a national military museum from the photoshoot I did there for their next calendar.  Not sure if it will be in the calendar, but if so, you saw it first at !

And I always appreciate your comments here on my posts and there on my photography.  People commenting on my photography is the only way I can really know that I’m doing a good job, or how I should shift my style.  Thanks everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Shot from the Photoblog

  1. How many photoshoots have you done while you’ve been in Texas? Sounds like your getting lots of exposure which is awesome! Someday you’re going to be famous and I can say that’s my friend who brought martini’s in a messenger bag before we watched Sex and the City! 🙂
    .-= Carrie´s last blog nephew =-.

  2. hahah, I’ll never forget walking to my car downtown and then driving to your house with martinis in my gay-as-hell messenger bag. definitely the best way to watch a movie.

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