Show me To My Destiny

Winding Road

Made more, yes more, friends. Mark, a really nice guy, we will be great friends. Really liking Ryan, he is partly the reason I have not been updating my blog!

William John called me last night, missed his call because I went to bed really early. I was crying off an on, starting with a gift from Landon.

I’m picking Seth up from the city which is probably not a good idea based on just that it will be a pain to drive into the city today… and possibly worse to get out of it. I just can’t stand to have people struggle, I always want to help, help to make their life better. This normally fucks me over. I told Ryan and he seemed upset… obviously there is nothing between Seth and I… I have’nt talked to him in three weeks, haven’t seen him in months.

Of course, I could just be pessimistic, upset, unrealistic. That is probably it. Congratulations to Jim, David, Patrick and Andrew. I love you and wish you all the best of luck.

I gotta shower and then ditch this ice bucket.

2 thoughts on “Show me To My Destiny

  1. Why are we always so freaking nice! I really do miss you more and more…. I hope you have a happy Christmas!

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