Showtune Tuesday

Ian, Kevin and I went to The Loading Zone for Showtune Tuesday.  Fabulous time, and interesting start to the night.

We were going to meet up with Ian’s ex.  A gay republican, right wing extremist.  YIKES!  The simple fun conversation about Laura Bush’s weed sells at SMU turned into a yelling match between the former couple that pretty much scared the crap outta Kevin and I! haha

Ian is a wonderful guy, I love his debates, I am very glad he is my friend.  Hilarious!  I enjoyed his simple vocabulary with this simple guy, the guy, yeah, he didn’t like that so much.  He was freaking out, sweating and screaming and about to blow a fuse.  I think he did actually.

Anyways, we got to the club, without the ex, and had a blast.  I had my usual sling of drinks, freaked out the bar tender and then called it good.  I think I will just give up the idea of alcohol effecting me.  Each time I drink, it requires just that much more to reach a fun level.  Expensive, not really.  I always get a good number of my drinks free.

Anyways, I hate talking about that kind of stuff, however it is something interesting to me.

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