Simply Irresistable; The Artisan

I’m back into the swing of things. Hanging out at the Artisan just like old times. Besides Landon’s room, I think I spent more time here than anywhere else my freshman year at Mizzou.

There is a drink here called the Iced Geuvara. It is two hots of espresso pulled through sugar and vanilla. What does it tase like? Oh, just heaven. This is where Starbucks lacks. If I had my way, I would startup a new lineup of the chain. Starbucks Flagship or Le Crema di Starbucks. Starbucks Ultimo?

This is how things woudl be different.

Table service. Fresh food, not just pastries and sandwiches. Cozy chairs and couches, fresh loose-leaf teas and room to showcase artwork and local shindigs. Basically, I want the Artisan to be picked up by Starbucks and popularlized around the country in high end markets. This place has everything you could want. They only lack the financial backing to have the stellar healthcare and benefits we get at Starbucks, the world footprint to do the wonderful things they do to improve the welfare of the people around them and their environment.

I love that they are allowed to be creative here, I love that they are not so worried about getting your drink out within three minutes of you entering the line. I love that feeling of community that comes with the Artisan.

Cherry Street Artisan Menu Board

These are just a few of the reasons that Starbucks will never put places like the Artisan out of business. I hear over and over again how Starbucks keeps closing down these local “mom and pop” coffee shops. Bottom line, if you are doing a good job, you are safe. Coffee Zone, The Artisan and other local shops that provide great service and find their niche in the community will last forever. Starbucks will never be able to provide the “third place” experience that Coffee Zone and The Artisan have been providing for years out here.

One thought on “Simply Irresistable; The Artisan

  1. So Artisan is like Aroma’s, but with good coffee? Just imagine!

    Now back to my gross workplace coffee… >:^P

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