Sitt’n at the Laundromat

So I am sitting at the Santa Rosa Lin-Mar Laundromat listening to my iPod Shuffle playing Bond and enjoying the digestion of a delicious bagel from Wolf Coffee (p.s., don’t try their coffee). I had a strawberry Italian soda, how gay is that?

Let us go back a few days.

I have started opening Starbucks instead of just closing, lord how I love that. Thank you Melissa, now you can work with our minors (whew) and I get to work with you and Barbara from time to time which really makes me happy. Those girls are my girls! I lahv them so much haha. We got our snapshot back, 100% and a 4/5 stars, that is really good, though our district manager thinks we should have gotten no less than 100% and 5/5 stars… Whatever, he looks like humpty dumpty.

My clothes are drying, I bleached my whites, they look bright as the summer sun magnified by a cracked window pane. Yes, yes they do.

The closers, those who have been closing since I have’nt, are really not doing their job. Not pulling out pastries, not wiping things down, not cleaning all of the dishes, not preparing food for the next day. It is just so upsetting. I have trained people and they have proven to me they can do this stuff but when they are asked to put it in action, they wholey fail. I am not as mad as I am disappointed.

I am thinking of sending this picture into Cingular’s photo contest…

Does it remind you of the Cingular bars?

Three people, two fellow managers and one barista are close to losing their jobs and that is very very very bad. They are so fabulous and if they were to leave, due only to hitting their “fifth hour”, I would be the only manager left. Scary thought.

I guess it was last tuesday I watched the new Family Guy with Mike and Kevin

Shannon brought me out to lunch the other day, lots of fun. We saw a flower in a bottle of Bombay Gin and I just had to take a picture!

I saw the movie, Flightplan, with Chris and his friend Kelly. It was so much fun. The movie was, interesting. I can’t quite put a solid figure on what I would rate it, between 3 and 4.5 out of five. Quite a range right? I think I would have to see it again to decide what the director was trying to capture with his choice of effects and cinematography. Sometimes it was downright laughable, other times it was stellar. I would recommend it however, Jodie Foster is an incredible actress. She went to Yale University, for some reason I always like to mention that fact. I love her eyes, something the movie seemed to focus on. So many times the camera was focused not on the action but the eyes of the person making the actions or being effected by the action. It was not 1980 style but not too far off. An Andrew Llyod Wright, 1980 style cinematographic experience. Far fetch at times butthen again, there is the Airbus.

As we were leaving the movie theater, we met this interesting lady, interesting is an understatement, carrying a chiwawa in her purse, talking to it and refusing to let it make eye contact with us, well trying to at least. She was weird.

Kelly is such a cool gal! I cannot wait to hang out with her sometime, I think Chris, Kelly and I are going to start doing regular movies. She is totally the same kind of movie buff that I am. I would love to hang out with her some more.

I got home, I had promised to update but I was so tired and had to open Starbucks at 7:00am so I headed to bed.

The whole 47gb of music thing… I made this TINY external hard drive for $135, 60gb, no power supply needed, just runs off of your USB port and has red and blue LED tubes on either side, red indicates read/write and blue indicates power. I was trying to consolidate all the music I don’t listen to, over to that drive. Used to there was a simple, but still slightly complex way to do it in iTunes. It required two or three library databases and deleted large portions of music from the libraries, etc etc. It was not that difficult really, I had done it when I moved my music over to this laptop, no way could it hold all 120gb’s of music that sits on my lovely desktop which I miss dearly.

Basically, the new iTunes came with a new database system, two databases per library, one is XML and one is “.itl”, an iTunes format that you cannot edit in Access or Excel like you can with the XML option. So I thought at one point that I had lost everything… everything. Long story short, everything is now on my external hard drive. That makes a few things a little complicated but I am working them out. It takes up a surprisingly small amount of power from my computer, I guess iTunes caches the played song and only needs a few spins to catch an entire string of music (well not at all exactly but I don’t really want to go on and explain my theories… haha).

The next day, I opened Starbucks

We interrupt this blog to bring you an important message. This is going to be a heavy picture post, just FYI.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

I am now in class, using my laptop to fix my iPod Shuffle playlist and move files over there, the pics for the journal entry. I love my little external hard drive! It is getting its power from the USB port of an iMac (number 47 in the Mathematics lab) and connected with its other USB port to my laptop. I’m a dork.

So where did we leave off? I don’t really remember the entire weeked, lucky you right?

Last Thursday I was off from work between classes so I went to Aroma’s to get some drink and internet, hoped for a delicious bagel and got just that. Not as good at Flying Goat’s bagel, by any means, but still quite nice.

Two really cute guys were there, sitting right near me! I got pics of both of course haha. However, not going to post them… not sure why but yeah, not going to. One was dangerously thin, red shirt, blond hair, reading a book. The other was tanned, olive skin with dark hair and a small tatoo on his left wrist, i want one on the bottom of my wrist just like his but I know I won’t ever get it. I also liked his lip ring which I also will never get, so sad… 🙁

Off to class, I got some beautiful pictures of pink roses. I still can’t believe how nice the pictures are from this Sony Ericsson S710a cellphone.

I have a LOT more to post, two songs, one from Gwen Stefani – Cool (tribute to Geoff) and one is Tracy Chapmann – Changes (which is the source of a big change for me recently!)

Ok, gotta drive to work, I am sooooo done with Aroma’s right now haha.

Ciao, more later.

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  1. I think you get double cingular points for actually using a camera phone to capture the “bars”

  2. i originally thought that you HAD to use a cingular phone to do it but you can use any phone any camera… which is lame-o!

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