Sk8 P@rks R Gr8!

So, while we waited for the fireworks, drank some water and sat waiting for Landon’s friend Paul’s friend Kate to show up, we watched the skateboarders.  Afterwards, about thirty minutes later, we would all be evacuated from the American Mall because of tornado warnings.

Luckily, we had already left for the bars before that happened haha.


This guy was so graceful on the board, just swept through all of the chaos.  He was definitely cooler than me.  LoL


I just love that tattoo.  Always nice to find a punk-rock-skateboarder who loves his gays and… well is gay himself.  I find that incredibly, uncontrollably hot.  Call me a punk-rock lover!

Really though, I have found myself, since California, being just infatuated with punk-rock, emo, skateboarding, hipsters.


Nota bene… he didn’t wipe out, somehow, either through amazing physics bending or magic, he landed and rolled away.  Kinda reminded me of Fat Albert, no offense… 😉




This guy (above and below) could get some serious air.  It amazed me every time because it seemed to defy gravity how he could jump up from either a standing or moving position, flip his board over a few times while soaring a few feet into the air.  Yes, soaring feet… haha


This one was like four feet tall.  He was pretty awesome though :)  Probably that lower center of gravity thing… Hmm, I don’t know.


One thought on “Sk8 P@rks R Gr8!

  1. Mike and I are so disappointed in you. You take a picture of a gay skater… But only show his feet!!! What are you, one of those freaks with a foot fetish? I mean, how do we know if he was cute? Geesshh… You are so fired!

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