Smashing Good Time

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So last night was a good time. I had a bunch of homework to do and got a good bit done and then hung out with the girls. Aj came over and the girls made Sushi and I made Pad Thai, it was all really nice.

We watched American Idol which was fabulous and then moved onto The Simple Life. Aj left shortly after that and just minutes later Patrick Buckalew came over. haha, it was so much fun!

We all went to Sparky’s and got ice cream. I did not get sick like every other time I have tried to have ice cream since the breakup. It I guess is a sign that I am getting over Geoff, let’s just hope I can keep it up. I think staying away from him, as hard as it is to do, deals a big part of me being able to move on.

As we were walking from Sparky’s, Patrick and I starting singing the Jet song from West Side Story.

When you’re a Jet,
You’re a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin’ day.

We had the finger snapping down and I did the run-against-the-wall-and-jump-to-a-spin-off-annnnnnd-pose. It was perfect. I can’t believe how awesome we looked haha, the five of us doing West Side Story down an alley off 9th Street. It was such a blast.

We went from the alley to South Side Liquors and picked up a little Malibu Mango and some really interesting wine which we will cork-pop hopefully tonight.

I made Patrick and myself some Sunshine and about half-way through our drinks it was brought to our attention that two of my roommates wanted new “toys”, haha! So we went to the Old Un and we each got a new toy! We all have matching toys too, how great is that?

We ordered Gumby’s on the way to the Old Un and it arrived just as we got home. It had been quite a while since I had Gumby’s, yum! We started writing our own version of West Side Story which is going to be a really long process but it is fun.

When youre a drunk,
Youre a drunk all the way
From your first vodka shot
To your last cabernet

When youre a drunk
With a fifth in your hand
You’ve got A A around
Youre a family man

Anyways, Patrick went home around 1:00 and I talked to Jim on the phone till about 2:00 and then talked to Jenny till around 3:00.

Last night was just a total win, though I did not finish my French homework, I should have no problem getting it done during lunch.

Anyways, back to class, have a nice day. See you soon.


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