Snacking in Solitude amoung Skookum Squirells

I made myself a smoked turkey sandwich with tomatoe, lettuce, mayo, provolone cheese all atop Belgian crunch bread, a bottle of water and banana. I drove down River Road to Armstrong Woods.

It was so peaceful and fun. Wish someone in particular would have joined me haha. Alas, he is far, far away these days. In more ways then one.

I got so caught up in the scenery I did not finish my lunch… actually I barely touched it haha. Oh well, was not too hungry anyways. I gave the bread to the squirells hehe.

One thought on “Snacking in Solitude amoung Skookum Squirells

  1. It sure looks swell. 🙂

    I had a recent experience with the beach, fish and chips, and a souvlaki… but the birds overpowered me… it was not all voluntary.

    Good to see you are doing so well Justin.

    William John.

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