So I Went Out

With Jenny in tow, I headed out to SoCo. Jim convinced me that I should get out, he was number 15 of the day so I figured I probably should go. He stayed in however with Ryan and had an adorable night I am sure.

I saw a ton of wonderful people there… Justyn, Jon M., Chris, Will, Patrick, Michael and his beautiful boy (who is as nice as he is beautiful), Gus, Annie (!!!!!) and then some. We had a blast dancing the night away, Jenny was a real pal and made sure I did not fall down (damn you medicine!).

I apologize, post haste, about the picture quality. I used my camera phone to take all the pictures… I do believe that this is the worse camera phone ever! I cannot wait till I get my new phone in a few months…

Anyways, we watched the drag show for a bit, implants are becoming quite popular with the queens… I just don’t know, I could never do that, but to each their own!

Jon Mountain is just so adorable, so fun and earnest (if I may write that).

Jon is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is so kind… I just cannot get over it! We exchanged numbers, wooooo! haha.

Annie and I danced together for the first time in over a year. It seemed so right when we got on the dance floor, it reminded me of the simpler times before Geoff, before Acacia, before all of the drama in my life.

No bother, I had a really nice time and danced like no one was watching. I am sure I looked the fool, this medicine pretty much makes me drunk 24/7, which is kind of new to me since I never get drunk…

Nissa and Meghan were supposed to call me to pick them up, I think around three. It is getting close and I am getting ready to take my medicine so I can wake up for my meetings tomorrow.

I got a call from Matt today and I called Keith (left a message). I need to call Matt back, I miss him… I also need to call Dylan.

Oh, I saw Travis and Brian at SoCo tonight. They are such beautiful people. Travis always makes me smile, as do Dylan and Leslie (who were not in attendance tonight, grr to them).

Never the less, I had a good night, actually got out of the house and that was refreshing. I am pretty much agoraphobic. If I don’t have someone with me, I just cannot get out of my apartment. It will be a struggle to get to my meetings tomorrow… It is even hard to get out of my room. Damn, I really am fucked up.


much love you all!

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