So Much Emotion

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I am so full of emotion right now, positive and negative. Sadly the negative is taking over. A year ago this weekend I met Geoff’s family for the first time, not the immediate family but the extended family. I loved them from the start. They were such a blast. I remember playing cards with his parents and later in the summer we played dominoes together. His dad is really good with cards, so is his grandmother. I remember all of these wonderful times with his family and I find myself desperate for that again…

I miss those times with Geoff especially.

Let us get into what happened for Justin today.

Around three in the morning I get a knocking on my front door. A friend is there, his car broke down infront of my apartment so he asked if he could stay the night. With him is an interesting character, I was certainly taken by surprise to see him here. They were scheduled to sleep in the living room where previously Jim and Ryan were going to finish The Incredibles and fall asleep all cute and cuddley. Change of plans brought Jim and Ryan to my bed with me, the second time this month haha. After about thirty minutes of this the door is rapped upon again. It is Brandon looking for his keys… Apparently one of our guests had his keys. Turns out the keys are just missing and he decided to look more the next day… Ring the door bell goes and Darrin appears. He is looking for Brandon and they leave together with one of our guests, dropping everyone off at home leaving just the one here. He slept soundly on the couch and Jim, Ryan and myself all slept “soundly” on my bed. It was fun, still curious as to what brought everyone here though…

Woke up, showered, (I fixed my computer last night while we watched Finding Neverland) got ready for the day. Jenny’s parents came into town so Meghan and Jenny joined them for Easter Brunch. Jim and I headed to our own Easter lunch and saw Brandon at the same establishment we were patronizing. It was good food, my like second time to this place.

We head to Wal-Mart and buy next to nothing, off to Jim’s to unpack him. I originally said that I would only be there for a few minutes… that turned into hours. We TOTALLY re-did his dorm room and I just love it! The new layout looks fantastic, he has a queen sized bed now haha. It was such a blast.

I then met up with a friend for a bagel and coffee, back here we talked a good bit, about an hour, and then he headed out to study. Another friend brought over a fabulous German language musical entitled Yes Nurse, No Nurse. It was hilarious! I just loved it. Jenny and I helped him ready himself to see the guy he is dating, he was seeing him for the first time since break started. He looked dashing as he walked out of teh door. Jenny an dI watched Hercules as I cleaned my room and got stuff back in order. Trent came over and made us all smile as usual.

I have been sitting in bed for a few hours and just cannot all asleep. I am out of my sleeping medicine so I just don’t get to sleep tonight. It is awful.

Well, at the end of the carpet you always find a tack?

Good night my pets!


Miss you Dave, get back here!

2 thoughts on “So Much Emotion

  1. what if the carpet is on top of wood floor? Will there be a tack there as well? oh yeah i loved watching Hercules with you last night. I am so glad that we are in the same city again! *kisses*!!!!

  2. Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? haha

    what if the carpet is on top of wood floor? Will there be a tack there as well?

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