So Pimps and Hoes, Finally

I am just going to post pictures and then kind of explain them, how does that sound? Ok, so here I go!

So here you see the girls dressed up to the… well not the “T’s” as they say… However, they were definitely dressed to the part, and part does have a “t” in it!

Next up, Nissa and Patrick. Those two hoes! Patrick was looking fantastic with his pink shirt, black boxer briefs and, yes that is a condom armband.

So one of my favorite breeders of all time, Jason. He is so cute inside and out. He has helped fend off the evil homophobes and “dirty mexicans” of the past and after Friday night he rocks even more! He had a thing for Rosa, I got him her number, w00t!

Oh, the birthday girl and her beau, Trent. She looked beautiful and Trent certainly ran with his role as a pimp. His outfit was outrageously perfect.

Rosa, perhaps the most sultry woman I have ever met. She had my eyes rolling as she seduced me on the bed… she ripped off my shirt and wrote her name and number on my chest. I could not believe it! Of course next to her is Will who was going as a transvestite.. i hope haha. He sure did not look like a lady hehe. But boy was he a blast, especially when Sophie Ellis Baxtor came on.

Ryan and Jim looked awesome! Jim has never looked better as a woman than that night. Ryan was quite the cowboy, can’t wait to see him for the Cowboys and Cowgirls party…

So Katie and Meghan both looked fab that night. I really liked Katie’s top, whatta ya think? Meghan to me looked like Gena Davis.

Zach and his girlfriend would make the most beautiful babies. His smile just melts me! They showed up the next morning to help us clean up, how sweet was that? He is another one of my protectors.

I honestly just have no idea what was going on in this picture. I post it simply because I don’t have a clue what that boy was doing!

Gus showed up with three very cute boys, especially the two on the right! I don’t remember their names, imagine that, but I can say that they were beautiful and apparently awesome dancers as at least two of them are dance teachers for the Kronke’s.

Oh My God Sara! She is so hot, one of my NACA girls. She has the perfect everything, voice, eyes, smile, brain, personality and body. I just cannot get enough of her. I wish she could see just how beautiful she is but alas, she is one of those that will never admit how amazing they are.

Dave, Paul and Joel. I think Dave is just plain hot. Paul was so cute as a cabin boy, I really enjoy him and his views on life. He is optimistic, pure and just fantastic. On the far right is Joel of course. I met him through Persephone/Kevin. He is such a nice guy and definitely has a style all his own.

Two of my favorite people! Trent and Jenny, what a pair-o-siblings. (something right now reminds me of calling Geoff over Thanksgiving while I was at the grocery store with my mother. Weird right? I regret taht call because it was not as happy as I had wanted to be, however I would live that conversation all over again because we ended it by saying together, “I love you”).

So I do not think I know any of these girls’ names but they looked great!

Imagine a game that required verbal skills, coordination, speed and memory… now make it a drinking game. What should we call it? What the Fuck!

Katie’s sister and Katie’s roommate and an Evans girl (I think) and Katie herself showed up to the party, a little late but they looked great. Katie’s little sister just rocked my world.

Well it was only a matter of time before the dancing started. I am not sure what song was playing but I tell you what, whenever Cher would come on, everyone, gay or straight, seemed to get life into their legs.

It is not surprising, but sometimes amazing, how the party always ends up in my bedroom. I really should take pictures of how it is re-arranged, I enjoy its new layout, as small a change as it was.

So I don’t like to say this but… Kevin just did not look that great during Pimps and Hoes. Normally his hair is so beautiful, so soft, so fun and perfect but it is flat and slicked down… He just looks worn out, I hope he is ok. Colin never seems to change hehe. However, Libby looked fantastic!

I really enjoyed the company of these people. Brittany, Dave, Libby and … well damn, what was her name?! Monster! Haha, so Dave is a great kisser… and he has a fantastic body and I got to make out with him! It was amazing. I also gave him a little “taste” of things… I guess he really gave me more of a taste of things but you know how that goes right?! LoL! He is just beautiful, is it ok for me to write that? I would be such a ho if I had his body haha… I really want his body, as long as I can not be a ho. hehe

Ok, so that is all! Had a wonderful time, perhaps the best party I have attended here at The Brothel!

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