So Randomness Right?

Last night was planned out to be as follows…

Justin and the girls finish watching our show and then off to study. After that I was going to go to Jim’s place to spend the night in his extra bed for fun and to keep him company. But what happened?

Patrick and Will show up to celebrate Patrick’s end of his rule as RHA president. That was fine and all. So they came over and had a few drinks. I was not wanting all of that but I am a sucker…

Anyways, it was a fun time. We initiated Will and Kevin into the Brothel

Will is just so cute and Kevin has a fabulous personality. Sadly things got a little odd…

For the past few weeks Patrick has been really odd around me. He used to be really flirty and nice but the past few weeks he has become stale and cold. I don’t know what is causing it except of the one option that is the reason all guys stop taking interest in me… He likes someone else.

Honestly, that should not bother me. I am not interested in having a relationship with him and I am not interested in having a “fuck buddy” with anyone (well there is this one person but we all know who he is haha). I feel like he wants this other guy, but he won’t just tell me. It would make me feel better if he would just tell me he is no longer interested so that I don’t feel awkward.

In addition to that, he thought, and maybe thinks, that I said something to someone he obviously has a crush on… I did not say this thing at all. Bottom line, end of story, I did not say anything. So if you are reading this, don’t worry because I did not say anything, truth me.

Anyways, here is a fun picture from last night. I really am glad they came over, it makes me feel better about myself knowing that I have friends.

(interjection, holy crap Huff’s mother is making out with Huff’s best friend (she is like 60 and he is like 40) and it is freaking me out!!!)

Ok, here’s the picture;

So we had a really good time and everyone left at a decent hour so it did not keep me up late which was fantastic.

So after everyone else left, Jim and I went to Steak ‘n Shake and had a great little midnight snack. We then went to his dorm room, finished our chocolate milkshakes and had fun talk time. It reminded me of the time Geoff and I would have each night in our dorm room. It really was one of the fondest memories of my life, our late night talks each night. And when we started reading to each other… that was so cute haha!

Anyways, we went to sleep, it felt so odd being back into a dorm bed. I think Jim and I are going to raise up that extra bed so that Ryan can come over and, with the beds pushed together, sleep together and just be fabulously… together. I love the two of them.

So this morning I dropped Jim off kind of close to his first class and then later met them up for lunch at Mark Twain. I think I saw Geoff’s new boyfriend, he has very friendly eyes

Ha ha, so I just LOVE this show Huff! I cannot get enough of it. It is crazy wonderful.

I am in the mood to talk about Geoff. I can only say, “LoL” because he rocks and he deserves to get what he wants. I know some peopel will give me a hard time for saying how wonderful Geoff is and that I want him to be happy. WHy is that so wrong? That is right, it is not wrong, it is totally right for a friend to want his friend happy right? hehe

Anyways, I am looking forward to this weekend. Oh dear I love this show!

Back to Huff and then to re-arrange my bedroom.

Much love to all!

Oh, and this reminds me of my old diamond. You know, they say that diamonds live forever…

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