So yeah, the other day…

I have been talking with this girl Kayla on myspace for a few weeks and we have gotten to be pretty good online friends. She has just moved here just like me, we both work for Starbucks and we both enjoy many of the same things.

So completely stalkerish, I visited her at her Starbucks. I did not at first recognize her as she had gone from brown to blonde hair, but she looked absolutely great.

Today was a blast at school. I had piano class first. I think I am going to go into a more advanced class though, I totally already know everything that she is goign to teach. Next up was my vocal class which was equally blastful. I cannot wait to further improve my ability to sing! I really want to serenade someone in particular right now…

Work was swell, got out early, yay for Angelica for being awesome with closing tonight!

After closing I headed over to Seth’s to chit and chat, then tried to buy some champagne and my driver’s license was denied… sad! I am 21 damnit! haha

My grandfather and his handyman are visiting from Texas, to get some work done and all that. Tomorrow Seth and I head to San Francisco to look at a potential apartment for him and to go do a tiny bit of shopping.

Oh and I heard this song today on my iPod Shuffle while walking to class… Wow it is good. An honest song.

Julie Roberts – Wake Up Older

Good night all my peeps!

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