Some People…

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Some people need to stop. We are all very proud of how you can manipulate situations and exacerbate problems. You only cause others pain. You are leeches, you such the lifeblood out of those you “be-friend”.

Stop sucking on my neck and leave my true friends out of your scandalry.

I cleaned my room today and I feel it is a new start for me. I had not had my room truly clean since the breakup, I just never had the energy or drive to clean it up. It was not a stye but there was some definite cleaning needing to be done.
Well it is done and perhaps I can move forward. There is nothing left for me in the past, unless I am incorrect in my puzzle piecing.

Here is how I see it. He is over me and has replaced me with someone who at the very least, perhaps the very most, fills the cavities of me. Though what I am he cannot ever be, he, and all those who follow, will at least be able to make him happy because the flaws I had, they do not.

It is crazy haha, to think, someone could be over someone they loved so quickly. I sure do hope it was real. I would hate to think that it was all a mirage. No one can understand why I am still in love with him. They sayI should be over him, I am better than he is, I am smarter and more attractive with a much better personality… but what do they know, really? I love them and want to believe all of this but a few things keep this from being true in my mind.

1. He is without trouble, more attractive than I am. Poll a random sampling and that is what you will receive
2. He is smarter than I am. Perhaps I am more practical but his intelligence is enviable by merit scholars.
3. He has a fabulous personality, when you get to know him as I did. I feel in love with his personality, with his mind and with his body, all in that order.

People that look at the inside before the outside are hard to find and I am afraid that I am the only one out there. I know a few of my friends right now say they look at the inside first, but they are either straight or happily coupled and not single where the vultures live.

Anyways, bottom line, end of it all, to make a long story short…

Much love to him (sorry to those opposing this post) and much tisk tisk to those who are working evilness.

Time for bed, my room is clean and for that I am glad.


p.s. I had a fabulous conversation with Geoff tonight. It was fabulous because we talked and I did not get sad afterwards. I was glad to hear his voice again and to share our stories and to hear his laugh, true, authentic, even only over the phone.

p.p.s. you people are gonna be mad at me are’nt you? you who keep telling me to move on. this is my start, gimme a break! hehe

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