Someone is Stealing my Mail

Someone is stealing my mail. Yep. No money because my checks have been stolen, no gas card, no license plates for my car and who knows what else. Gah! I hate this stuff. Meanwhile though…

Seth and I have been all over town, bar-b-que birthday bash was so much fun! I love his people. What else… we had dinner with his family last night. I love his mom, she is so awesome! We chatted for a good while on the couch about everything from comets to kitties to jews fucking brandy… (err, you had to be there for that one).

We also hit up Target for some essentials and then a fun little shop where we got a European goody… holy crap is that stuff amazing! Seriously, you all need to try this delite. Hmmm… ha ha

Seth’s vacation is over so he is back at work and I am sitting at home, staring at the mailbox waiting for the mail person to arrive so I can pounce! They are putting on my new roof right now, which is fucking noisy, and I am starving like a Kate Moss.

I need to fax some identification documents too… guess that means I have to go back to Santa Rosa a little earlier… maybe I will fit in a workout while there! Yay! Then pick up Seth for dinner. Too bad we both are broke haha. Awe, how cute! 😉

Bottom line though, I am happy as a clam! Love it here! Love you all!!!

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