Springfield Missouri, Hear Me ROAR!

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So I did not get out of town till around 4:00 today after all the stuff that went down. Ha ha, I make procrastination and a shitty roof sound like a drug deal gone ary.

I am staying at Jenny’s tonight, having a fabullous time! We saw Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events which was really quite good. Jim Carey is really starting to show that he can be a real actor and not just slapstick. Some huge stars in the movie and the silhouette of Lemony Snicket I swear is Antonio Banderas.

Jenny and I, after the movie, sat a while in the hot tub. It reminded me of Geoff and his friend’s hot tub. They seem to do it whenever he goes there. What a nice and relaxing way to talk to someone.

I would love to talk more but I am too tired! I should get some sleep as I am driving again tomorrow. Halfway home, only three more hours to go!

Love to you all.

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oh yeah, so we cleaned the vacuum today… NASTY. So I show you a picture now, naturally.

And since I made you look at those nasty pictures… haha, here are pictures I took on the way to Springfield (en route to Tulsa of course). Look at the sunset!

Well anywho. I am going to try and get off of this darned computer. Get some “shut eye” if you will.

Oh, had a good, albiet short, two sets of conversation with Geoff yesterday (kinda today) and last night (kinda tonight…). I hate saying today when it is after today and now tomorrow haah.

Love to you all… yet again.


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