SRJC Park to Class Pics

Walking to class I decided to take a few pictures. I never realized how poor the iMac screens are until I tried using PhotoShop CS when cutting these files down to 490 px wide. The screens are awful! Perhaps it is just the resolution they are set at here at school, but I am at 1280×1024 with millions of colors… just seems wrong how grainy everything looks, pics that look fantastic on my laptop or one of the CRT’s here look painful here on these iMac LCD’s.

I have my old Honda back and it still has my parking sticker on it. I never realized mine said “Early Release”. I guess it was because I left school early, well I know it is because of that, to go to work at Expo Chemical Company. Reminded me of the talk my mom and I had about me getting an early release from the school entirely, what a bad experience I had there.

Princeton University defines the word “vicen” as a “a malicious woman with a fierce temper”. So who declared this RV a vixen? It looks like something out of Back to the Future!

Now time for flowers, awe, flowers…

Well that was fun right?

I hope something isn’t up cause my cellphone will not call out to Missouri. It says that all the lines are busy. I have been trying to call Landon for a few hours now and nothing will go out to Missouri. How weird!

I guess I should go to class now, have a fabulous day you guys!


p.s. i got my book for my law class online today, cost me $2.95 instead of $66.97! what a deal haha. Arrives the 18th at the latest… too bad I have homework from it due today, oh crap!

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  1. I had my mom’s school district employee sticker on my car. Early release? HA! Try whenever the fuck I wanted! I love beating the system!

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